Young Inventors Challenge 2023

Theme: “Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”

The Introduction

The Young Inventors Challenge 2023 is our 11th Invention/Innovation competition which aims to encourage secondary school students aged 13 – 17 to cooperate as a team (2-5 students) to find innovative solutions to current day problems. YIC 2023 will be conducted Online via Proposal Submission, Invention Pitch Video and Report Submission. By participating in YIC, the participants would develop creative, critical and problem-solving skills. YIC hopes to develop future inventors who will be the positive change makers of tomorrow.

Funded and Supported By:

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Shortlisted Teams List


A total of 217 teams have been shortlisted for YIC 2023 and you can download the list here.

YIC 2023 Shortlisted Teams List


The shortlisted teams required to:

  1. Produce a working/functional prototype of the invention/innovation/product
  2. Based on the invention/innovation/product prepare 5 minutes Invention Pitch Video
  3. Based on the invention/innovation/product prepare 5 pages Project Report

Invention Pitch Video and Project Report Submission Link:

Submissions Deadline: 17 September 2023, Sunday

Project Management Competition

The Project Management Institute Malaysia Chapter (PMIMY) and The Association of Science Technology and Innovation (ASTI) jointly launching Project Management Competition for Young Inventors Challenge 2023 Shortlisted Team. One BEST Team will be awarded by the Project Management Institute Malaysian Chapter (PMIMY) in December 2023 under student’s category.

Application for this Project Management Award is open for all the team which have been shortlisted for Young Inventors Challenge 2023 but it is Not Compulsory. Only interested team invited to submit registration at: by 26 July 2023.

This marking for this award is done totally independent and it will not affect your scoring for Young Inventors Challenge.


Project Management Training Video

Project Management Report Submission Link:

Submission Deadline: 24 September 2023, Sunday

Training Videos

Training Video 1: Proposal Writing Guideline

Training Video 2: Mentoring and Guiding the Students

Training Video 3: Introduction to ASTI, YIC, Invention, Innovation and Design

Training Video 4: Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Training Video 5: Problem Identification

Training Video 6: Project Planning and Project Management

Training Video 7: Guideline for Invention Pitch Video and Project Report Writing

Training Video 8: Judging Criteria for Invention Pitch Video and Project Report Writing

Register Here and Join YIC 2023 Telegram Group!!!

Register by 31 May 2023

Submit Proposal by 7 June 2023 (extended from 31 May to 7 June)

Registration Link:

Proposal Submission Link:

Telegram Group Link:

The Poster



The Official Launch


The objectives of YIC are:

    • To develop future inventors.
    • To give an opportunity to young and future inventors to develop and present their inventions.
    • To help and train young inventors to experience the inventive cycle, from conceptualisation to product/prototype.
    • To introduce the idea of “using inventions as a means to make a positive change in society”.
    • To train young people in Problem Identification and Solution finding.

Benefits to the Participants

By participating in YIC, the participants would also:

    • Produce an original invention and receive recognition for participating in the event.
    • Develop creative and innovative thinking skills.
    • Develop teamwork dynamics to solve problems.
    • Use resources such as the internet, library and experts to hone their research skills.
    • Learn to document their invention project.
    • Enhance self-esteem and confidence.
    • Acquire public presentation and writing skills.

Who Can Participate?

    • Young people aged between 13 and 17 (Form 1 to 5).
    • A team consisting of 2 – 5 young people.
    • Teams made up of different cultural background (Highly Encouraged).

How To Participate?

Step 1: Form a Team (2-5 people, 13-17 years old)

Step 2: Register at by 31 May 2023

Step 3: Develop Invention Proposal (Refer Student’s Manual)

Student’s Manual: Download Here

Proposal Format: Download Here

Step 4: Submit Invention Proposal at by 7 June 2023 (extended from 31 May to 7 June)

Step 5: Shortlisted teams notified via email

Step 6: Shortlisted teams guided with Online Trainings

Step 7: Develop “Working Prototype”

Step 8: Shortlisted Teams Submits 1) Invention Pitch Video 2) Project Report.

Step 9: Online Viva session for Top 20-30 teams

Step 10: Winners Announcement Online Live Event

For Further Details, kindly contact Ms. Vanitha Vasu via email to or WhatsApp to 014-7124217

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