ASTI Industrial Council (AIC) shall be a collective of companies and organisations representing industry and business that shall cooperate to achieve the AIC objectives. It is a non-exclusive membership. Being member of AIC shall not prevent its member from being part of any other organisations or collective with similar objectives.

An advisory board shall be set up by ASTI to act as a decision-making body. Their main work is to convene meeting and activities for members. This body shall and always must be strictly non-political and shall not make or be involved in any political activities or organisations.

AIC will meet frequently as needed to discuss various issues in relation to its objectives. The meeting shall not be compulsory with no quorum needs. AIC will also promote its members to work independently on projects which are in line with its objectives with ASTI’s support if and where needed. Meetings of AIC may run physically or online or as a hybrid.

Membership of the AIC will be companies or organisations who will appoint a person to represent them in the council. They become members by invitation from ASTI with the advice of the advisory board.

  1. To network relevant industry representatives and other stakeholders who has an interest in Science Technology Engineering Mathematics & Innovation (STEM & I).
  2. To promote the education of STEM & I among all age groups especially students and staff’s children of the members organisations.
  3. To be a conduit where industry can share their insights and experience into education especially in relation to STEM & I.
  4. To help run programmes (talks, seminars, events and projects) in relation to STEM & I to enculturate it in society.
  5. To inform policy makers to promote the needs of STEM & I especially in the education sector to fulfil the future needs of the industry and nation.

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