Young people with the education system today have become spectators rather than participants in their own ‘learning futures’. This is done, for instance by overwhelming them with the subject – facts and figures which they memorize for tests and exams and soon forget after the fact! It should be argued that real education must help create a creative and critical mind by empowering the learner to take charge of his/her education. Subjects and Topics are mere tools to nurture this new independent thinking mind. Thus any subject in science or arts is able to create this ultimate goal if ‘delivered’ properly.

We hope to use this camp to inculcate and introduce the concept of thinking creatively and critically when making choices in their lives. Both methods of logic and empirical reasoning will be introduced with simple lectures and fun activities. Also competitive and collaborative methods of producing an outcome will be explored by the participants. We will charge the participants a minimal to cover some of the cost of the program. However, if funds permit, we will also provide scholarships to deserving students.

Ideally, there will be 3 different Levels of Camp target groups. Namely, Primary, Secondary School and University Students with different types of camps. As, Project camp and exclusive camp.
      • The Camp is focused on helping to empower the young to think in both a creative and critical manner. It consists of presentations and activities to help the young and youth build this capacity
      • We hope to build effective resources, guides, and know-how to make this a recurring camp for young people across the country.
      • We using competitive and collaborative methods to produce positive outcomes when making choices.
      • The camp helping the young to realize on learning is making fun by not just memorizing facts but by understanding what you learn.

We conducted a pre-pilot program for 36 young students who have just completed their UPSR. We ran the program at the end of November 2013. It was an all-inclusive 3-day 2-night event.

The Implementation Steps for the project are as follows:


1. ASTI will form a working group to oversee and be responsible for the delivery of the project. ASTI will be responsible to develop the overall policy of the project/program.

2. The working group shall:

Work together with ASTI to identify funders and partners for the project. Develop the content and modules for the program (copyright for the event shall be owned by ASTI)s
Identify and train volunteers
Identify the venue and determine the logistics for the event.
Run the event
Conduct postmortem after the event and identify ways to improve the program
Dissolve and pass the project back to ASTI.

3. ASTI will reconstitute a working group for the next project.

ASTI believes that this program can be a platform for the young to develop their creative and critical thinking capabilities which will help them be an effective person within their own community and the nation.

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    ***Write an essay on the Title: The Importance of the Creative & Critical Thinking in my life (180 words & hand written) and submit to us with this application form.



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