Association of Science Technology and Innovation conducted its first ever ASTI Leap
Challenge (ALC) with the support of Yayasan Hasanah in 2016.

The main objective of this programme is to give an introduction to the students to the
world of technology and innovation. By participating in this event the students will
enhance their creative and critical thinking skills to be able to solve complex problems
which is expressed by ‘doing’. Schools will run ALC with the modules provided by ASTI.

The objectives of the project are as per below:

  • Enhance Problem Solving skills among participants
  • Develop communication skills among participants
  • Encourage team work among participants
  • Develop “out of the box thinking” among participants
  • Develop ‘hands-on’ learning methods for the young people

The programme prepares and encourages the students to participate in various National and International competitions with various invention ideas and self-confidence.

Upon participating in ASTI Leap Challenge, the schools should be able to conduct the competition in their schools as an annual event which will involve more students. This way more students will benefit from the project. The school should be able to participate in various national and international invention competitions.


ASTI Leap Challenge is a project for secondary school students aged 14 – 16 years old.
ASTI would like to provide opportunities by holding hands-on learning activities such
as the ASTI Leap Challenge. ALC will help students develop their creative and critical
thinking as well as problem-solving skills. Therefore, it will prepare the students to
participate in higher level competitions.

ALC can be conducted as a school event. This gives an opportunity to more students in a
school to participate in an innovative programme.


Training will be provided to the teachers for schools that express interest in conducting
ALC. The training/briefing will require the virtual attendance of two (2) teachers from
each of the participating schools. ALC organisation modules will also be made available
to the schools.

Participating schools are required to conduct 3 trainings for students in their schools.
The training should cover the 3 ALC modules which are Creative Thinking, Critical
Thinking and Design & Innovative Thinking. These trainings can also be delivered in
schools online, using presentation slides, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, or
other online-interactive tools.

Students should form teams of 3-5 students in a team. Students are required to create a
problem statement to address an identified problem following participation in the three
trainings. Depending on the circumstance, students’ innovations, prototypes, or
solutions should be presented to the teacher or judge either physically or online on the
ALC competition day. Upon completion of the ALC, schools are obliged to submit a
report to ASTI. ASTI will issue the digital certificates and template to the schools.

ALC prepares and encourages the students to participate in various National and
International competitions with various inventions ideas and self-confidence.

ASTI will keep in touch with the participants and update them with various national and
international invention competition. More over ASTI will encourage them to participate
in other national and international competition. Upon successfully completing the
project in the first year, the following year we will encourage the schools to conduct
their own competition at the school so that more students will benefit from the project.

Kindly register to conduct ALC in your school



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