YIC requires teams of up to 2-5 learners to put their minds together and come up with an invention to solve a problem they have identified. The purpose of the programme is to build and encourage the creative and inventive capability of young people. We started this programme in 2013 as a pilot where 12 teams participated from 12 schools and the response have been remarkable ever since – we have been growing almost exponentially with over 150 shortlisted teams participating every year.

ASTI is proud to mention that Young Inventors Challenge has received international recognition from the Ministry of Education Malaysia for the year 2017 to 2022. In 2019, YIC was also shortlisted from over 1500 education projects from around the world to participate in the conference and competition called “Reimagining Education” held in London that was organised by the respected rating agency, QS international. YIC was also recognized as the top 10 projects run by an ALUMNI of the International Visitors Leadership Programme (IVLP) conducted by the US State department.

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