COVID-19 presents a unique opportunity for cities to learn from their experience in combatting the virus
to be better prepared for future emergencies. The pandemic’s unprecedented impact on every aspect of
urban life has provided compelling data and information about how to improve crisis responses and
recovery strategies. In economic recovery programmes, a balance has to be struck between re-opening
too fast and risking a second wave and moving too slowly and failing to kick-start growth. The key is –
flexibility and agility. Urban leaders must have policies and protocols in place that will allow cities to
operate in multiple modes, from full-crisis lockdowns through phased re-opening to an eventual return to
normal activity – but always with the potential to move rapidly into reverse gear.

Collaboration across governments to drive decision making in an environment of constrained funding
resources is an ever-present challenge however, in a COVID-19 impacted environment, it is increasingly
important to deliver good outcomes for communities. The role of government in delivering an effective
framework of economic development initiatives has never been more important as the economy
recalibrates and moves toward a new reality.

The Resilient Cities Forum 2021 brought to you by Bizzarence Technologies is southeast asia’s most
interactive meeting for mayors, governors, community leaders and key officials of government agencies
and economists in creating critical platforms for dialogue focusing on envisioning the future of recovery
planning beyond the pandemic and navigating what lies within rebuilding safer and more resilient cities.
This exclusive two-days interactive forum themed “Rebuilding Long-Terms Resilience & Sustainable

Cities in The Wake of Crisis” discovers the latest insights on plans in place to prepare for future
pandemics, and any social or economic lockdowns they necessitate.




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