YIJ is a free online research journal that is earmarked towards younger generation to
increase their interest, get involved and immersed in learning in science, technology
and innovation. Accordingly, our journal hopes to help the young generation to
explore new ideas and inventions in a systemic manner. YIJ is a project under ASTI.
However, YIJ as most of projects under ASTI is managed independently by its own
steering committee.

Under Young Inventors Journal, we organised a paper writing competition under the
general theme of “How to Conserve and Save Water” for students aged between 13
and 18 years old in 2019. This is the first time ASTI and YIJ helped organised a pilot
programme of this kind.

We hope to tackle issues from a different angle – from the eyes of the young thinkers.
Thus, the ‘Young Inventors Journal’ invited young people to write in well researched
papers. This paper writing competition was held in collaboration with Ministry of
Water, Land and Natural Resources.


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