The ASTI Innovation in Community Award (ASTI-ICA)

ASTI-ICA is designed to recognise the contributions of an individual or a group of people in doing projects in the community by using Science and/or Technology and/or Innovative methods.

Background of the Award

ASTI recognises that great work and change can source their origin from simple acts of an individual or groups of individual. There are rare breed of people who see a problem and do not sit by and let the world dictate to them their future. These are people who work tirelessly, often not wanting recognition or, in most cases, are not recognised for their work, no matter how amazing they may be. These people also use simple and yet innovative methods to start their work.

ASTI, being a group of scientists, engineers, educators, professionals and more, recognises the need to be able to use knowledge effectively when conducting projects in society. Often some people are able to use their knowledge effectively with minimal funds to be able to make a huge difference in society.


With the above in mind, ASTI has launched this initiative called “The ASTI Innovation in Community Award, ASTI-ICA”. The objectives of this award include:

  • To recognise individuals and/or a group of people (and the community in which they work) who use innovative methods to make a positive difference to the people around them (the community)
  • To highlight these types of works in order to give young people a source of inspiration and role model in hopes of inspiring them to be positive change agents in their community
  • To avoid already well-known change agents – but rather focussing on the newer up and coming, not yet recognised change agents.


ASTI-ICA will be administered by a committee elected by ASTI central committee who would request nominations for the award annually from its networks. The recipient can be from any part of the world. The committee will deliberate on the nominations received, and the award will be given based on:

  • The impact of the project on the community both horizontally and vertically (horizontal = numbers-quantity, vertical = depth-quality)
  • The innovative methods used in the project which include the effective use of resources and knowledge and the level of perseverance to achieve their goal.

We hope to give the award annually in conjunction with the Young Inventors Challenge, YIC. It can be given in person, or in absence when the person is unable to attend.

Funding and Budget

Considering the nature of ASTI being a non-profit organisation, the awards will be conducted modestly, with internally generated funds. Each year the quantum amount of the award will be determined by the ASTI central committee based on funds generated.

ADHAM EL SHARKAWY, from Cairo, Egypt. Please click here to view the full details of Adham El Sharkawy.

YB. RAVEN KUMAR KRISHNASAMY, from Malaysia. Please click here to view the full details of YB. Raven Kumar Krishnasamy.

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