ASA is a portal to help students from Year 1 to 6 evaluate their current levels of understanding of a particular topic via regular self-assessment. The self-assessment would be in the form of a quiz that would be uploaded into the ASA website. The students would sit for the quiz on a regular basis and marks would be given to the students to be able to assess their current levels of understanding. The process can be facilitated by their teachers and/or parents. The quizzes are available in English and Tamil languages initially. Other languages will follow soon.

The main objectives of this quiz is to give an opportunity to the learners to test their current understanding of the Science and Mathematics topics (chapters) that they have learned. Science and Mathematics learning is cumulative in nature, thus for his/her to learn more complex ideas, he/she has to understand the simpler concepts first. Thus, these regular assessments are important. The portal will also provide students with the test result which can be used by the learners/teachers/parents to strategies their learning strategy moving forward, in a regular and timely manner. The portal is free for all to use.

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( Coming soon for standard 1, 2 and 3 )

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