Since its inception, ASTI, Association of Science, Technology and Innovation has been
working towards inspiring the young generation of our nation to explore the world of
science and innovation. We have many projects, including Science Fair for Young
Children (SFYC), Young Inventors Challenge (YIC) and ASTI Leap Challenge (ALC),
during which students will design and come up with various new inventions and
innovations. We have been privileged to witness many creative and unique inventions
produced by students throughout these years.

All our projects are designed as an educational tools where our participants learn for
themselves from the tasks they undertake. Hence, for example in Young Inventors
Challenge, our aim is not to develop inventions BUT to develop inventors.
However, we have noticed another skill could be further developed in students. We
have realised that many students cannot cope with the science syllabus in secondary
school. This is because although some experiments have been inserted in some
chapters to explain and describe the specific chapters, but due to time constrain,
teachers skip these experiments demonstrations and teach it theoretically.
We feel that to develop a student’s understanding in science, particular scientific
concepts and principles, the lessons have to be more hands-on, i.e. more experimental.
Thus, in a classroom, experiments are more important than the theory. This is truer
today where students can easily find these explanations on the internet (e.g.

Thus we proposed starting the A-PLUS (ASTI Progressively Learning and
Understanding Science) programme for SFYC Alumni students.