ASTI Progressively Learning and Understanding Science (APLUS)
A-PLUS is run as workshops focusing on experimentation and activities. The project’s objective is to help
students understand key scientific concepts and principles in their syllabus by using hands-on methods. The
focus is to build a framework for their understanding of the underlying principles, before they are given the
information (facts and figures) in the classroom. This method of learning is based on the latest research on the
brain and how it learns.
We have developed Module in Science for year 1 to 6 and Form 1. The facilitators will be trained and send to
the interested schools to teach the students during weekends. The students will learn Scientific concepts
through hand-on experiment methods.

This project does NOT focus on examinations but rather understanding. Thus, it can introduce and condense all
the concepts that would normally be learnt in the year into a workshop of 1-3 days. Thus, the students that
were unable to learn effectively in 2020 can learn these scientific concepts optimally in order for them to
continue the following standard with less difficulty.


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