The Association of Science, Technology and Innovation (ASTI) is an association of
educators, scientists, industry representatives and individuals who are committed to
advancing the role of the scientific community in inspiring the youth of the nation to join and
excel in the world of science. ASTI is a non-governmental organization (NGO) working
towards empowering young children through various projects such as Science Fair for Young
Children (SFYC), Young Inventors Challenge (YIC), Creative and Critical Thinking Camp
(CCTC) and on the “Wings of Fire” series.


ASTI Leap Challenge (ALC) hopes to prepare students to participate in higher level
National and International competitions including Young Inventors Challenge (YIC). It
focuses on experiential learning and on activities to build confidence among young people
especially in the world of problem solving and building solutions via invention and
innovation. The target group for the project was for ages 14-16.

ASTI Leap Challenge, ALC aims to expose young people to the world of invention and
innovation in a very hands-on manner. With ALC, the teachers and students from potential
schools are trained to conduct their own school level ASTI Leap Challenge (SL-ALC). SL-
ALC will help students with their creative and critical thinking, and problem solving skills.
The project comprises of 3 trainings and a competition. The pilot for phase 1 has been
completed successfully with a total of 42 schools and with phase 2 completed in October
2018 with 54 schools and 1 NGO.

This year, we are planning to roll out ALC at national level. Hence, we would like to train the
teachers from schools that are interested to conduct their own School Level ASTI Leap
Challenge (SL-ALC).





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