Creativity is highly required for any field of studies and industries and it is important to recognize its value in all knowledge-based society. Korea Invention News (KINEWS) annually organize Korea Creative Invention Contest, CiC to provide opportunities for students, inventors, innovators and research scientists to express their creativity and the innovative ability to invent through their novel ideas to recognize the vital significance of world intellectual property, globalization and national competitiveness.

Contesters are welcome to participate in Korea Creative Invention Contest regardless of age, field of study or specialization to be evaluated and recognized for their special ability to create, invent and innovate. The contest locates its theme as “Anyone Can Invent” and aims to identify and exercise the latest technologies and creative ideas from inventors around the world to aid inventors’ passion and desire to invent for the development of our living life and society.

◆ Application Deadline : 20th of July 2019

◆ Award Ceremony : 11th of August 2019

◆ Venue : ChungMu Art Hall, Seoul, Korea

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CIC Application Guide-5

A-2019 CIC Application Entry Form