Home Level Science Fair for SK and SJK(C)


The Science Fair for Young Children (SFYC) is a premier project in Malaysia for SJKT to increase their interest in science. Our children need to be totally involved and immersed in the learning of science and exercise their scientific skills through science-based activities which are fun and exciting. We have been conducting School Level, Zone Level and National Level Science Fair for SJKT schools in Malaysia since 2007.

Due to COVID-19 outbreak and request from SK and SJKC schools, we would like to run a pilot project for 10 schools. We are giving opportunity to the school to conduct School Level Science Fair or Home Level Science Fair.

School Level Science Fair (SLSF) is a fair which is organised by the school itself with all the students in the schools demonstrating specific experiments to the teachers, judges and visitors on a particular date set by the school.

Home Level Science Fair (HLSF) is a modification of School Level Science Fair which was implemented during the Covid-19 lock down period. During the lockdown period, all the Science teachers were engaging with their students by giving online activities to be done at their home. We have set up some hands-on experimental questions and activities which can be conducted from home for Home Level Science Fair.

Both the SLSF and HLSF is made for all SK and SJKC students from Year 1 until 6 all over Malaysia. The time given for SLSF and HLSF is until end of November.

Materials link :

Teachers Manual

Link:  https://rb.gy/x8q1fw


Link: https://forms.gle/AnB2ccKPkNxxvaNZ7

HLSF Materials

Link: https://rb.gy/9xmsy9


Link: https://rb.gy/impvan