The Association of Science Technology and Innovation in partnership with Excelsoft Technologies Pvt Ltd and Learning Orchard Sdn Bhd had launched a program called 

EASI-CP (EDUKATE-ASTI SCHOOL INITIATIVE FOR COVID19 PROTECTION) on the 26 March 2020. This program offers educational technology platform called  EDUKATE  FOR FREE to all Malaysian students (standard 4, 5 and 6) from 26 March 2020 to 26 June 2020.

Due to overwhelming response, we would like to continue the program to phase II where we extend the free usage for another 6 months from 26 June 2020 to 26 December 2020 with the support from Yayasan Hasanah. We also have modified the portal to be mobile friendly where the students will be able to access the portal through smartphones. We are encouraging more students to use the portal as it provides lessons for Mathematics, Science and English subjects for Standard 4, 5 and 6 students. 

Link to EDUKATE Website: