Projects Young Inventors Challenge (YIC)

Young Inventors Challenge (YIC)

THEME – “Inventions To Help A Million: To Make The World A Better Place”


  With reference to the above, on behalf of Association of Science, Technology and Innovation (ASTI) and Young Inventors Challenge 2015 Working Group Committee, we would like to invite students aged 13-17 to take part in Young Inventors Challenge 2015. The event is team based and the team members can be comprised from more than 1 school. On behalf of ASTI, we are looking forward for your positive response towards the success of Young Inventors Challenge 2015.


The Association of Science, Technology and Innovation (ASTI) is an non-governmental organization (NGO) working towards empowering young children through various projects such as Science Fair for Young Children (SFYC), Young Inventors Challenge (YIC), and Creative and Critical Thinking Camp (CCTC). Science Fair for Young Children (SFYC) is a project designed for primary school students, and about 200,000 participants have taken part in this initiative, both at the school, regional and national level. As a follow up to the SFYC, a competition at a more advanced level for the Alumni was proposed in the form of the Young Inventors Challenge (YIC). Which requires teams of up to 5 Alumni each to put their minds together and come up with an invention under the Young Inventors Challenge 2013 (YIC 2013) theme “GREEN INVENTIONS: IDEAS ON SUSTAINABILITY”. A total of 12 teams from all over the country participated in this pilot project, showcasing their green inventions. In 2014, the Young Inventors Challenge competition was open once again to secondary school students aged 13 to 17 and we encourage the teams to be in groups of 3-5 students of different races to come together in an inventive process. The purpose of the programme is to encourage the creative and inventive capability of young people. The theme for YIC 2014 was kept the same; GREEN INVENTIONS: IDEAS ON SUSTAINABILITY. After the initial publicity and acceptance of statement of interest from teams, the students were given the proposal writing manual to write a proposal. The project was then implemented in 3 phases comprising of: Phase One: The student’s proposal submission, 111 proposals with various teams were received and 56 teams were shortlisted to participate in the Grand Finale. Phase Two: Workshop session for selected participants and their mentors. The shortlisted teams were given training in 5 locations across the country, which were Penang, Johor, Pahang, KL& Selangor, Sabah and Sarawak. Phase Three: Final Competition. The final competition was held in Dewan Tun Dr Siti Hasmah, Rumah Puspanita on 20 September 2014. There were 49 teams from all over the country who attended the Grand Finale. Thus for 2015, ASTI would like to expand the competition. The theme for this year is Inventions To Help A Million: To Make The World A Better Place”.


Among the main aims and objectives of YIC are:
  • To give an opportunity to young and future inventors to develop and showcase their inventions in the area of “helping many people”.
  • To help young inventors to experience the inventive cycle, from conceptualisation to product/prototype.
  • To introduce the idea of “using inventions to make a positive change in society” to the participants
  • To give opportunities to young adults who are inventive to promote their ideas to the outside world.
By participating in YIC, the participants would also:
  • Produce an original invention and receive recognition for participating in the event.
  • Meet and network with other inventors who share similar passion.
  • Develop creative and innovative thinking skills.
  • Develop teamwork dynamics to solve problems.
  • Use resources such as the internet, library and experts to hone their research skills.
  • Learn to document their invention project.
  • Enhance self-esteem and confidence.
  • Acquire public presentation and writing skills.


YIC has seen a phenomenal growth in the last 2 year of operation. Besides that, the 2nd Place Winner of Young Inventors Challenge 2013 has participated in International Invention, Innovation and Technology Exhibition (ITEX) and has won Silver Medal in both Malaysia Young Inventors Competition (MYIC) and Asian Young Inventors Exhibition (AYIE).


  • Young people aged between 13 to 18
  • A team of 4 – 5 person
  • Teams will be highly encouraged to be multi-racial
  • Able to do proposal and presentations in English


  • Information flyers and letters will send to person(s) who are interested in the competition via the local newspapers, ASTI public relations team, randomly selected schools, previous years participants of YIC and others relevant ASTI events.
  • YIC working Group representatives will attend promotional interviews in various channels.
  • Interested students will be required to form their teams of 3-5. Each team must have at least one Mentor, and submit their application to ASTI.
  • The applied teams will be invited to attend “YIC Students Workshop” which will be conducted in a minimum of 6 regions (South, North, Central, East, Sabah and Sarawak).
  • The teams will be requested to come up with a basic idea for their invention, and the teams will required to send ASTI a proposal of their idea.
  • The proposal will be checked and marked by the judging panel and the best 60 proposals will be selected to participate in the final competition.
  • The teams will be given 2 – 3 months to develop their inventions and final report.
  • Selected teams will be invited to exhibit their invention and do a presentation on the products they invent. Judges will judge each invention and give marks. The best invention will get winning awards and potential patent applications.


WE believe that this program can be a platform for young creative and inventive people to showcase their talent and possibly built their career in this area.




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